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Communicating air city-specific work rules to exhibitors force is key to reducing frustration electrician and avoiding conflicts. This information is standard in exhibitor kits, but exhibitors are notorious for not reading them. To help, Freeman publishes a simple summary of city-to-city IN changes in a one-page handout that’s quick and easy to read.


Frequent e-mail blasts and newsletters drive home the differences. Pre-show workshops provide another opportunity to explain exhibiting MILWAUKEE and air in a new location. When one show prepared to move from New force York’s Javits Convention Center to the Pennsylvania Convention Center, show managers invited 40 of their largest exhibitors to Philadelphia a year in advance for a day-long planning session with electrician the labor supplier and events manager.

The unit cost for labor can vary significantly, depending on which union has jurisdiction. Work rules that affect how many workers IN are called, and how long they work before overtime applies, can also inflate costs. The contractor MILWAUKEE can help you prepare a budget that reflects the specific labor situation. As your point person with the unions, the contractor also lays the groundwork for collegial relations.

If you have air a complex event or displays that exhibitors force prefer to handle themselves – such as scientific instrumentation or computers and electrician peripherals – ask your contractor to arrange for you to meet with the unions. Meetings can help work through IN and MILWAUKEE the details and even gain concessions, but they can be contentious if handled poorly.