Electrical services from Electricians in Lewisham

Outdoor Electrics For added security add some exterior security lights with sensors which will on come on should they be activated. If you require outside sockets in your garage, greenhouse or shed to electric gates and entry phone system, our electricians will have a cost effective solution. Environmentally Friendly Electrics As we are all concerned with regard to our environment and worried about our carbon footprint , please ask our electricians in Lewisham team for ways in which this can be reduced. Low Voltage Lighting


Low voltage lighting may be used in a variety of ways, it is a safe option in areas like bathrooms, showers and kitchens. Lighting generally falls into one of three categories – general – task and targeted. General being overall space brightness with no particular concentration on any part of the room. Task is ideal for reading, sewing or hobbies where general lighting is inadequate. Targeted lighting is to highlight particular features, like paintings, ornaments or collections. With the addition of dimmer switches it is possible to control the mood or any area. For further advice please discuss with a member of the Electricians in Lewisham team. Innovative Garden Lighting Garden lighting adds harmonising dimensions to your garden, extending the day light time is only part of the effects that can be achieved. There are so many options available from, decking lights, spotlights, down-lights, LED garden lights (with a wide range of colours), recessed up-lights, underwater lights to outdoor lights for patios, steps, pathways and driveways. We have all the expertise to add the most creative exterior lighting for your garden makeover. Appliance Connections If you require a new cooker, hob, dishwasher, washing machine or dryer connection in your home or you require your existing connections tested including your earth bonding Electricians in Lewisham can help and advise. Home Networking – TV – Computers – Telephone Working from home or home computing is an ever increasing part of our lives, if you require additional TV, Telephone or Internet connections we will be able to install and advise to achieve the best possible results. Power Shower Circuits

Whether it’s a new shower circuit or testing your existing circuit, Electricians in Lewisham will have the solution. Extractor Fans and Hoods If you’re installing an extractor fan or hood or just replacing these, ensure your kitchen odours are removed safely by using a qualified electrician. Inspection, Testing and Electrical Reports