Easy-to-follow Tips when Installing Outdoor Lights

Placing lights outside the house, around the lawn, or garden add up to the elegance of the house. However, there are certain things that have to be followed especially when it comes to the aspect of safety when installing lights outside the house. Although an electrician is of great help when this is the case, one may do so without the help of one, provided that a person has knowledge on the basic requirements for safety in outside wiring. The following are the things that must be observed for safety in outside wiring:


Always make it a habit to check the label for the outdoor lights that you will use. Electricians Las Vegas is adamant about this because many people install just about any light for outdoor use, thinking that any type of light bulb will serve the purpose. For the sake of safety, however, electrical contractors caution people that not all light bulbs are fit for outdoor lighting. An electrician can use underground cables for outdoor wiring. This is because they are hidden and therefore does not affect the appearance of outdoor lights. However, an electrical contractor must caution its men to employ underground cable that has a complete installation set for the grounding. For further protection, electricians Las Vegas recommend to cover the underground cable with a conduit to protect the wire or a person from injury in case a gardening tool struck the cable. Electrical contractors know that a very important element when it comes to safety in outdoor lights is to use waterproof switches and outlet boxes. An electrician usually places switches and outlet boxes in areas that will not be affected by moisture or the rain. Alternatively, if the switch or box has to be placed outside, an electrician normally uses a housing for the switch to keep it from being soaked especially when it rains as well as to protect curious animals from investigating them. When on the process of installing outdoor lights, electricians Las Vegas recommend that the switch must be turned off first. In case there is doubt as to whether a switch is on or off, make sure that the outdoor lights are not connected to any outlet box. This is one thing that an electrical contractor frequently advises their clients because this is one of the most common causes of injury from electrocution. Sometimes, it even causes death.

Electrical contractors know that a very important consideration is to keep an eye for the load capacity of the wiring cable used. This is true especially if you are going to install more than a handful of lights, which is very common especially during the Christmas season when Christmas lights adorn every nook of the lawn.