How to Lower Your Monthly Power Expenses

Whenever the monthly power bill arrives at our door, only two reactions can be seen from our faces. A smile will indicate that we have been successful at out energy saving drive while a frown indicates regret that one did not seriously considered energy saving measures. However, many people do not follow energy saving tips so the power bill continues to rise. An electrician can suggest means to lower power bills and at the same time save a lot for the household, which is very important during times of economic difficulties.

In order to make power bill reduction a reality, electricians Las Vegas recommend the following tips: Use energy saving bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs are the pert of any electrician because it saves a lot of money for the household without sacrificing the lighting needs of the household. Compared to an incandescent bulb, compact fluorescent bulbs can save you a whopping 60 percent of your electric bill. When sleeping, make it a habit to turn off all light sources such as shaded lamps because their accumulated use can contribute to high energy expenses for the household. Another important thing that one can do to reduce power bills is to strategically place light bulbs in the house. Electrical contractors know the proper way to maximize the lighting range of a specific light bulb. Obviously, placing several light bulbs together to illuminate a single area is a no-no for an electrical contractor. Unplug all electrical appliances. Electricians Las Vegas always remind households to make sure that appliances are not only turned off but also unplugged when not in use. Keeping an appliance plugged to an outlet even if no longer used still consumes a lot of wasted energy. For ironing and washing, make sure to minimize using the iron or washing machine. To achieve this, make sure to use the washing machine only when you have a wash load already. Avoid frequent use of the washing machine because they cause your power bills to go up. The same thing applies for ironing. For best results, any electrician suggests ironing only on weekends for the entire need for the week. When you do this, electrical contractors will surely be proud of you because you are doing something to lower down your power bill.


The electrical contractor recommends using the air conditioning unit only on the comfortably cool setting. Refrain from using the appliance at its extreme setting because this means huge power consumption. For better results when using your air conditioning unit, electricians Las Vegas suggests that you allow nature to lend in a hand. This is accomplished by slightly opening windows to allow the breeze to blow in and slowly closing the windows when it becomes cool inside the room.